In the Seven Tools of CEA-HOW, our sixth tool describes service:

"SERVICE: Service is abstinence – the greatest service to ourselves. Service is coming to meetings on time; being a leader or speaker; volunteering to be a service person such as a program chairperson, coffee person, treasurer, secretary, literature person, intergroup representative, etc. Service is CEA-HOW. Service is putting away chairs when necessary, picking up after the meeting, being quiet when a member is sharing. Service is one way to get involved in the program. Service is needed at all levels and at every meeting. Service is giving of ourselves to help CEA-HOW continue to function. Let’s all get involved to help CEA-HOW, because we all know that: Service is freedom from bondage of self."

If you are interested in service positions at the Intergroup level, you can take a look at the Dallas Intergroup Open Service Positions.  If you don't feel ready to get active at the Intergroup level, or if you don't see anything there that sparks your interest, please take a look at the list of service positions.  You can also think about what you like to do or what you are good at and offer that service.  If we all give just a little, we can keep CEA-HOW strong so that the fellowship continues to be available to anybody who wants to stop eating compulsively.