Service Opportunities

CEA-HOW Member Outreach

CEA-HOW is looking for members who are willing to reach out their hand to those seeking recovery from compulsive eating. As an Outreach Contact, your name and contact information will be posted on the CEA-HOW World Service Organization website and will be available to the compulsive eater who still suffers or who has various medical and dietary requirements. Thus, Outreach Contacts share the experience, strength and hope they have gained with recovery in the CEA-HOW Program with those searching for a solution. For more information please go to the CEA-HOW WSO website.

Create New CEA-HOW Literature

Does your group have an idea for new literature? What about a new set of questions? For a letter from WSO explaining the development process Click Here

Service Positions

Service Positions are available at all levels of CEA-HOW. Service isn't just about leading meetings or holding a position, and it doesn't necessarily have abstinence requirements. It's about giving of yourself in any way that you can to help others find what you have found in CEA-HOW.  If you'd like information about a specific service position ora list of service positions at all levels of the CEA-HOW organization, you can download it here.  For a list of open service positions at the CEA-HOW Dallas Intergroup, go to the Open Positions page.