March 2016 Minutes


Dallas Intergroup 3/19/16 Meeting Minutes
Members in attendance:  Christy K, DeRisa, Gloria, Kellie K, Johnnie, Karen R, Lueretha, Nancy R, Richard J, Tricia, and Zinda

  1.  Karen R opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.


  1. Last Month’s Review of the Minutes

Motion was made to approve the minutes by DeRisa; Tricia seconded.  Minutes were approved.
III.   Treasurer Report -   Extensive and up-to-date Treasurer Report was given by Nancy R. All local groups have a treasurer in place, (thank you for your service!); however, there are a few that are needing to submit their collected 7th Tradition monies. Our current bank balance is $2815.57 – which includes a Prudent Reserve of $1300 and a Travel Reserve of $1300, leaving an available balance of $215.57.  Delegate travel expenses for the recent Assembly in Utah have yet to be processed. Nancy plans a conference call and/or email to all current meeting treasurers to clarify current distribution guidelines from WSO.
IV.   Website Report - No report due to lack of time; please see website for updated information.
V.    Literature Closet – No Report given.
VI.    Old Business

  1. Ideas to carry the message.  Discuss at next meeting.
  2. Sponsorship Workshop – Saturday, April 9, 2016      

Workshop will be from 1-3:30 pm., Noon -1 Fellowship/lunch (Bring your own lunch).
Location:  First United Methodist Church in Richardson Education Building, Room 225.

  1.  Workshop Focus:  SLIP = Sobriety Loses Its Priority


  1. Panel Discussion: (1–2 pm)

 Panel to include DeRisa, Johnnie, Katrina and Richard J.
Topics: - Slip Prevention; Disengagement; Half Measures; Bouncing Back from a Slip 

  1. Sponsorship Workbook – Karen R (2:10-2:40)
  2. Outreach, Getting Involved, Sponsoring (2:45-3:20)

A) Tips on Outreach Calls and How They Are Service (Kathy M)
B) Encouraging Sponsees to Get Involved (Gloria/Kathy M)
C) Tips on Being a New (Or Old) Sponsor and Accepting the Fear of Sponsoring (Shawn)
VII.   New Business –
 A) Report from DeRisa and Tricia on the 2016 Assembly – was moved to April meeting agenda.
 B) Vote on Acceptance of Hosting the 2017 Assembly in Dallas – Dallas is the obvious location as Las Vegas in hosting CEA-HOW Annual Convention July 22-24 this year. Karen R is in favor of moving forward and believes that, with the help of other Area II cities, we can delegate the effort and pull this off.  Nancy R has offered to serve as chair or co-chair. A vote was taken and passed unanimously. This is a two-year commitment to serve as the host city. 
VII.  Meeting was closed with the serenity prayer.  Nancy made a motion to adjourn the meeting; DeRisa seconded. Motion passed.
Next meeting:  April 23, 2016.