June 2015 Minutes


Those attending: Boneta, Christy K., DeRisa, Linda S., Tricia,  Zinda (and Gloria S. and Diana from Austin, on the phone)
In Karen”s (IG Chair) absence due to her surgery the day before, Tricia called the meeting to order and opened with the Serenity Prayer.
The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed; Boneta made the motion to approve the minutes; Linda S.  seconded. Minutes approved.

  1. TREASURER – Nancy was absent, but will send the report via email this month.
  2. WEBSITE REPORT:  No report given. Saturday Richardson 9 a.m. building room and building location need update on the website.
  3. LITERATURE: No expenses to report since last month. Christy has served as Literature Chair for several years and is needing to have someone take over the literature closet responsibilities. Gloria is considering taking over the position as Literature Closet Chair.  90 days abstinence required. Literature closet will be open after the meeting today.


  1. 2015 Workshop Planning –   Saturday September 12 was confirmed as the date for the workshop; with the suggestion to come as early as 12:30 (BYO Lunch) for fellowship time prior to the 1:30-3:30 Workshop.  Linda S. has offered to check with possible locations; she will follow up with Central Market at Lovers and Greenville.  Linda will also check with Katrina about the possibility of using the Monday night – Richardson – location as a possible workshop location. Please start announcing this workshop at your meetings; we would like to include an invitation to the OKC group to join us.  Johnnie has designed a flyer that we would like to get in distribution ASAP. In addition to DeRisa’s Laughter Yoga (any and all can easily participate), Linda S. would like to do a power point presentation entitled, “Pick Up Your Baby.” There was consensus that a third segment would be a panel discussion – specifically about food/veggie prep, weighing and measuring, etc. Gloria offered to participate and to assemble the rest of the panel.

NEW BUSINESS –                                                
No agenda items as focus for this meeting was the Fall Workshop
Boneta made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Christy seconded. Motion passed.
Tricia adjourned the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.
Next Meeting: July 25, 2015