January 2016 Minutes


Dallas Intergroup
1/23/2016 meeting minutes
Members in attendance: Karen R, Gloria, Johnnie, Derisa, Tricia, Shawn, Jennifer, Ella and Diana

  1. Last meetings review of the minutes

      A. Jennifer approve the minutes and Derisa second it.
II.   Treasurer  report
      A. Treasurer not present, Nancy sent report in email. Johnnie approved and Tricia second it.
III.   Website Report
       A. Johnny reported that she added Utah assembly information and world service conference information. Also she will update lunch once month information. We will check on Oklahoma retreat and can add information as it becomes available. Karen reported that she received an email from world service Rena inquiring about WSO adding member stories to website. They would give the Dallas intergroup credit for the idea. Motion made to approve with Gloria and then Derisa seconding it.
IV.   Literature closet
       A. Gloria reported check sent to Nancy of money taken in the last month. New daily reflection questions and 12-step questions are available.
V.    Old
       A. Ideas on ways to carry the message. We decided to print out fliers with website tags starting in January bring to meetings for others to post in libraries, doctors offices, grocery stores, etc. On the WSO website there is a public information drop down list of ideas for carrying the message.
       B. Sponsorship workshop.  SLIP= Sobriety Loses Its Priority
            1. Date of April 9, 2016 at Richardson church from noon to 3:30 PM set for
Workshop. Noon to 1:00pm bring your lunch workshop 1:00 to 3:30 PM
            2. Panel on how to handle Sponsee half measures or Sponsee disengagement
             slips, relapse prevention, and coming back from relapse-Derisa
            3.Encouraging Sponsee to get involved in service...giving back-Gloria/Kathy
            4.Tips on outreach calls and how they are service-Ella
            5.Tips on being a sponsor when new to the program and overcoming fear -Shawn
VI.   New business
       A. Legality of holding raffles at workshops and assemblies. Tabled to next meeting.
VII.  We closed meeting with serenity prayer.  Gloria motioned to close meeting and Johnnie second.
Next  meeting February 27, 2016