February 2016 Minutes


Dallas Intergroup 2/27/16 Meeting Minutes
Members in attendance: Johnnie, Derisa, Tricia, Ella and Zinda

  1.  DeRisa opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer (chaired meeting in Karen’s absence)


  1. Last Month’s  Review of the Minutes

Motion was made to approve the minutes by DeRisa; Johnnie seconded.  Minutes were approved.
III.   Treasurer  Report -   Treasurer not present. No report given.
IV.   Website Report
 Johnnie reported that IG minute meetings have been added to site.  She has also added the April 9 Workshop information. There is an Oklahoma Retreat planned April 28-May 1 at St. Francis of the Woods in Coyle, OK.  See website for additional information.
V.    Literature Closet – No Report given.
VI.    Old Business

  1. Ideas to carry the message. Note: There is a drop-down list of ideas on the WSO website. Continue this discussion at our next meeting.
  2. Sponsorship Workshop – Saturday, April 9, 2016      

Workshop will be from 1-3:30 pm., Noon -1 Fellowship/lunch (Bring your own lunch).
Location:  First United Methodist Church in Richardson Education Building, Room 225.

  1.  Workshop Focus:  SLIP = Serenity Loses Its Priority

Topics for Panel Discussion:  DeRisa - 1) Slip Prevention; 2) Disengagement; 3) Half Measures; 4) Bouncing Back from a Slip 
Other suggested topics
 Encouraging Sponsees to get involved in service (Gloria/Kathy)
      Tips on Outreach Calls and how they are service (Ella)
Tips on being a sponsor when new to the program/overcoming fear of sponsoring (Shawn)
Sponsorship Workbook (Karen R.)
VII.   New Business -  Vote on Acceptance of Hosting the 2017 Assembly in Dallas
Brief discussion regarding concerns due to low attendance/participation at the Intergroup level of service.  Because quorum was not present, no vote could be taken.  Discussion tabled for next IG meeting.       
VII.  Meeting was closed with the serenity prayer.  Ella made a motion to adjourn the meeting; DeRisa seconded. Motion passed.
Next meeting: March 19, 2016  NOTE:  We are meeting one week early due to Easter weekend.