CEA-HOW Service Positions



Dallas Compulsive Eaters Anonymous - H.O.W. Service Positions
These Position descriptions are to provide a general idea of the requirements of a position.
Actual duties for each position should be determined by a Group Conscience at whatever level the position is to be held.
Please keep in mind that CEA-HOWs 12 Steps and 12 Traditions shall be taken into consideration in the carrying out of any group service.

For a list of open service positions at the Intergroup Level, please click here.

Group Service

Position Abstinence/ Years in CEA Steps Length of Commitment Description
Set up room Willingness     Assure that adequate chairs are available and set up more if necessary
Put out signs Willingness     Place signs at alt entrances, pointing to the meeting room
Greeters Willingness     Greet newcomers and direct them to the meeting; let them know where the restroom is, help them feel welcome.
Sponsors 30 days 1-3   Guide sponsees in working the CEA-HOW program
Meeting leaders 30 days 1-3   Lead the meeting using the group's regular Meeting Format
Speakers 1 year 1-12   Speak at meetings, sharing experience, strength, and hope.
Treasurer 90 days   1 year See Dallas Meetings Organizational Structure document
Secretary 90 days   1 year See Dallas Meetings Organizational Structure document
Intergroup Rep 90 days 1-3 1 year Attends monthly Intergroup meetings, pass on information from intergroup about new meetings, activities, CEA-HOW related announcements. More information is available in Dallas Meetings Organizational Structure document
Calendar 30 days     Keep calendar of meeting leaders; make reminder calls to scheduled leaders
Newcomer support 30 days     Call newcomers, answer questions, show that they are welcome.
Phone list 30 days     Maintain current phone list
Literature 30 days     Purchase literature and chips; price individual pieces of literature for resale Bring literature to meetings and put it away after meeting Collect payment for literature and forward it to Treasurer
Literature assistant Willingness     Maintain adequate supply of phone lists, meeting lists, and Phone Bridge meeting lists for in literature box.
Restore room Willingness     Leave the room the way it was found.

Intergroup Service

Position Abstinence/ Years in CEA Steps Length of Commitment Description
Chair 1 year 1-4 2 years Conducts Intergroup meetings, establishes Agenda of meetings, ensures all Intergroup positions are being attended to; keeps current on issues within the Dallas CEAHOW Intergroup; establish a plan for growth within the CEA HOW fellowship. 
Vice Chair 1 year 1-4 2 years Assists the Chair of the Intergroup, conducts meetings in the absence of the Chair.  Assists in the duties of the Chair.
Secretary 1 year 1-4 2 years Keeps IG records; takes minutes of meetings;  Provides all Intergroup officers and Intergroup Reps with a copy of the minutes. 
Treasurer 1 year 1-4 2 years Keep an account of IG income and expenses, pays bills, reimburses expenses, and provides report of financial status on a monthly basis.
Volunteer Coordinator 6 months     Contact volunteers and enlists assistance where required. Coordinate efforts of committee members
Remind Reps of Meetings Willingness     Call to remind Intergroup Reps about meetings a week prior to meetings
Volunteer List
90 days     Maintain a list of areas where service is needed (this list) Gather list of people willing to volunteer for available positions
Group Contacts List Willingness     Maintain a list of current group officers and intergroup representatives.
Meeting list Willingness     Maintain current meeting list (time, location, directions, etc.) Provide printer friendly list to Literature Chair, IG Reps, and Webmaster. Forward information about changes to Webmaster
Literature Chair 90 days 1-3   Purchase literature for the Literature Closet, maintain a reasonable inventory of all CEA HOW literature and AA Books, open the Literature Closet for sales of literature 1-2 times monthly, sell literature to Dallas CEA HOW groups, provide monies collected from literature sales to IG treasurer, maintain a copy of each literature sale transaction. 
Willingness     Photocopy phone, meeting & Bridge Meetings lists, How To Get Started; Assemble newcomer packets with the above and Welcome Newcomer brochure; Assist with sale of literature
Retreat/Workshop Chair 6 months     Organize retreats and workshops
Retreat support Willingness     Assist Retreat Chair with organization of retreats and workshops
Member Outreach       Gather information from WSO and Intergroup; distribute information to membership via email; Forward information to webmaster for inclusion on website
Webmaster 90 days 1-3   Gather and distribute information to the general public and to local CEA_HOW members via the website; Make meeting list changes as required.
Newsletter Coordinator 60 days     Solicit and gather submittals for newsletter from group members Prepare Intergroup specific information and submit it to newsletter publisher Print and distribute copies of newsletter to members
Public Information Chair 1 year 1-5   Coordinate and support efforts of committee members
Committee Support Willingness     Print flyers, prepare mailings
Design fliers Willingness     Design flyers for distribution to the public based on input from PI Committee
Public Information Speaker 1 year 1-12   Speak at informational meetings (eg church functions, professional meetings)
Professional Outreach 90 days     Distribute information to physicians, hospitals, etc.
Media Coverage 90 days     Gather information about available avenues of promotion Distributes information about CEEA-HOW accordingly.
Health Fair Chair 90 days     Coordinate and support efforts of Corporate and Public Health Fairs chairs Line up volunteers to attend health fairs.
Corporate Health Fairs 90 days     Compile names of companies who may hold corporate health fairs. Approach HR director about attending the health fair as a vendor.
Health Fair Attendees 90 days     Staff the CEA-HOW table at various Health Fairs. Distribute information to attendees.
Share experience, strength, and hope with attendees.

Area Service
Area positions require 1 year at Intergroup level

Position Abstinence/ Years in CEA Steps Length of Commitment Description
Representative 1 / 2 years 1-4 2 years Provide input to Intergroup Board and intergroup committees; attend Area 2 assemblies and participate in Area 2 committees to help CEA-HOW as a whole and help to spread the message of recovery within the Area 2 region
  1 / 2 years 1-4 2 years  
Chair 1 / 2 years 1-4 1 year  
Vice Chair 1 / 2 years 1-4 1 year  
Secretary 1 /2 years 1-4 1 year  
Treasurer 1 / 2 years 1-4 1 year  

World Service
WSO Board Members must also show 2-3 years of service above the Intergroup level; delegates are selected by Area Board from Area Reps

Position Abstinence/ Years in CEA Steps Length of Commitment Description
World Conference Delegate 2/3 years 1-5 2 years 11 delegates from Area 2 - no specific number from Dallas; Represent Area 2 at World Service Business Conference
Chair 2/3 years 1-12 2 years Officers and board members elected from delegates
Vice Chair 2/3 years 1-12 2 years  
President 2/3 years 1-12 2 years  
Vice-President 2/3 years 1-12 2 years  
Secretary 2/3 years 1-12 2 years  
Treasurer 2/3 years 1-12 2 years  
Board Member 2/3 years 1-5 2 years  
Board Member 2/3 years 1-5 2 years  
Board Member 2/3 years 1-5 2 years  
Board Member 2/3 years 1-5 2 years