August 2015 Minutes


Those attending: Boneta,  DeRisa, Johnnie, Karen R., Lois,  Tricia,  Zinda
Karen R. called the meeting to order and opened with the Serenity Prayer.
The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed; Tricia made the motion to approve the minutes; Johnnie seconded. Minutes approved.

  1. TREASURER – No report given.
  2. WEBSITE REPORT:  Flyer for workshop has been posted to the site.
  3. LITERATURE: No report given.  Still in need of a new Literature chair.


  1. 2015 Workshop Planning – The Workshop will be held on Saturday, September 12 from 1:30-3:30 pm with the option to meet at 12:30 for a byo sack lunch and fellowship.  PLACE: FUMC in Richardson, Room 225 of the Education Building (Saturday 9 a.m. meeting location). PRESENTATIONS: Gloria to coordinate the panel discussion; Linda S. “Pick Up Your Baby,” Derisa “Laughter Yoga. VOLUNTEERS TO PROVIDE:  DeRisa  - water bottles and bubbles; Gloria -  name tags, raffle tickets; Johnnie - door prizes, Karen R. -  cooler and ice for water, and notebooks. Tricia will provide a basket for donations and the raffle tickets.
  2. NEW OFFICERS NEEDED – Literature Closet, Co-Chair


  1. Concerns about 7th Tradition
  2. New Sponsor Guidelines
  3. Convention Report: DeRisa reported that Dallas contributions have declined.  Rae Z. raised the concern at the convention that CEA-HOW is not growing.  Please announce at meetings and ask members to contribute suggestions as to how to carry the message forward. Submit any/all ideas to DeRisa ( or Tricia (   

Lois made a motion to adjourn the meeting; DeRisa seconded. Motion passed.
Karen adjourned the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.
Next Meeting: September 26, 2015